Search Engine Optimisation

Your business is one step away from running at its best. 

 In today’s scenario, when everyone is searching on the web and everything is found on the Internet, just having is a website is not enough. As many times as possible, you need to rank better on the search engines’ result page. SEO makes it happen and is one of the most crucial aspects of your digital presence. 

We can improve your online presence and help you get more visitors and sales by elevating your online visibility and profitability. 

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Your website is of little use if it does not attain a prominent ranking on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Gain visibility on the Internet and get more visitors with our top-end SEO services.

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For someone searching online for something, he already has an idea of what he is looking for. If he finds your website on the search engine and gets the information or the product he is was searching for, he is already ready to make the purchase. The right SEO strategies will draw customers to your business.
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Our holistic and rounded SEO approach can help in boosting sales by driving more traffic to your site. It is the perfect opportunity to convert leads into customers, and you have a tool that drives revenue in your hands.
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Our SEO strategy puts your customers in the limelight by offering superior customer experience. We give your customers a chance to speak and reasons to celebrate, and in all its likelihood, the customer becomes loyal, thereby increases the lifetime value.

A Perfect SEO Strategy

As your SEO consultants, we assess and improve your SEO strategy to deliver meaningful and measurable results. We keep a watch on the latest trends and best practices to provide you with services that help in transforming your business and customer relationships. We get you real results by improving your organic search positioning too. With the SEO landscape getting competitive than ever, you need experts like us to get your site to the top of the search listings. 

As a full-service SEO agency, we deliver on our promises as we have the tools, expertise, and proven track record of achieving it. 

How an SEO Consultat can help you?

An SEO Consultant will help you make a wave. Yes, exactly. You will experience improved visibility, impact, and the bottom line too. Any consultant can manage your SEO or run a related campaign, but we do what really stands out and delivers. Our team focuses on your goals that well go beyond short-term vanity metrics. Our approach involves rich data insights to create, plan, and coordinate activities across all digital channels to deliver consistent results. 

An SEO consultant understands that each business is different and should take time to understand your business’s unique position. We will analyse and review your website and improve the results and search engine performance. 

SEO can be an intricate component of the digital marketing landscape, and we adopt an integrated approach to reach the right people with the right message at the right time. Our expert team chalks out strategies that outperform your competitors and connect with the customers most effectively. 

Here’s what we will do for you. 


That’s how we start. Our end to end expertise lets us analyse your business ecosystem. It will include your company, your customers, target segment, industry, competitors, and more. By keeping all these elements in mind, the suitable keywords and phrases are worked upon to make your website rank better.

Website Analysis

A comprehensive analysis will provide you with valuable information about the present status of SEO performance and the problems that need to be fixed. A detailed explanation is derived from the factors that are affecting your ranking. From here, an aggressive plan is developed to address these challenges.


You will be provided with an audit report for ‘behind the scenes’ areas of the site. It will help give a proper understanding of the website’s current status and the required remedial actions. It will also give you a clear understanding of the best tools and strategies that will work for your site.

On-site SEO

It will include factors like meta tags, HTTP status codes, indexing status, crawling errors, internal linking structure, and lots more. It will help understand some of the factors that dictate the site’s ranking and overall performance. The SEO consultant will help you navigate through these complexities.

Content/Media Ideas

Remarkable brand stories offer effortless user experience, and that’s where the content strategy comes into play. Figuring out what the customers like to see and read, our creative experts produce visionary ideas that delight customers and exceed targets.

Off-site SEO

We create an SEO strategy that addresses technical and mobile factors, and that’s a significant step toward improving your website’s rankings. In off-page optimisation, the focus remains on checking your backlinks for quality and your online directory entries for accuracy.

Speed optimisation

Getting traffic to your website is one thing, but ensuring that visitors get a seamless experience is an art that we master. Google likes it, and so does your customers – it’s the site speed. We sort the issues that slow down your website and maximise engagement.

XML Sitemap

Google’s algorithm will like your site to be clean and organised, and website sitemap is the best way. It makes the search engine crawlers to follow your sitemap and understand the data flow on your website.

Review, Report, Repeat

We will utilise several techniques and technologies to reach your audience’s mindset, and that lets us shape your website. It becomes fit to deliver an experience that maximises engagement and conversions. When there is so much going on in the backend, we will like you to keep you abreast.

Our comprehensive and yet easy to understand reports are for you to understand and review the work that we are executing. Our decisions are not based on a hunch. Keeping every activity in sync with the overall SEO strategy, we move ahead, keeping your recommendations and expectations in mind.

 For every business domain, for any business size, we have an SEO strategy that keeps you at least a step ahead of your competitors.

What Is Search Engine Optimisation?

You are there, and you want to be noticed. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will help you do that. This process and strategy help make sure that your website gets a higher position on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) for relevant keywords and phrases. It entails changes to your website design as well as content to make your site more attractive to Google. 

As an SEO consultant, our data-driven approach enables us to drive measurable improvements in revenue and profit from organic search. 

Why use an SEO Consultant?

More than 70% of marketers say that improving SEO drastically improves the overall marketing outcome. An SEO consultant will do it for you. The consultant ensures that every aspect of SEO works harmoniously. Their team of specialists in technical SEO, content, and PR work together to give your website the best possible ranking. It attracts more relevant users to your site. It will specifically and methodically target increased revenues and lead generation. 

We work with a comprehensive multi-channel strategy, and our SEO campaigns integrate enriched audience data into long-tail, key phrase targeting strategies, accelerating the capture of new customers with higher average order and lifetime value, quickly and efficiently. 

Can I do my own SEO?

There are chances that this idea may pop-up in your mind after watching several free YouTube videos. If you are eager to learn, you can do your SEO on your own. However, what about the results that you wish to achieve through SEO? With an SEO consultant, you get years of training and experience, learning from peers, and several tried and tested strategies that can save a lot of time and, of course, money. 

 The results of hiring a professional SEO consultant can be lucrative – you will have users landing on your website, giving you an ongoing source of new customers and the revenue that you are not paying for. 

How Do SEO Consultants Work?

Long Game SEO

Branding Game

The consultant creates an SEO strategy that addresses technical and mobile factors is the first step towards improving your website ranking. There will be a dramatic increase in your brand recognition and website traffic with the effective use of social media. The long term SEO strategy factor covers aspects of the search engine algorithms. It models from search intent, quality factors, rust, reputation, and overall experience.

Perfect Planning

Now is the time to pay attention to the bedrock of search, technical SEO that keeps your site in good health, and ensures search engines can find your content. The SEO strategy will encompass all aspects of your website’s health and performance that search engines take into account for determining the quality of your pages. The aim is to provide the search engines sufficient opportunity to find the relevancy of your website and provide a superior user experience.
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Keyword Ranking

Your site gets a ranking on the search engines for a keyword, and it has a significant impact on your website’s performance. Did you know, more than half of all the users prefer the sites that are on the first page of Google? Therefore, focusing on the right set of keywords is essential, and that helps you rank.

Client Engagement

One of the most important aspects of a successful SEO campaign is client engagement. It provides you a proper insight into what the consultant is doing for your business. Furthermore, as a client, you can also contribute to the SEO strategy by making suggestions regarding the content, website design, etc.

Team Work

Putting a good SEO strategy in place is vital, but it will only reap the desired results when there are synergic efforts involved. Working with close coordination with the client and internally with different domain experts is vital here. Experts in technical SEO, local SEO, social media, content, digital PR, and others work in tandem to ensure successful execution.
Regular Update

Weekly Updates/Reports

The consultant will share reports with you regarding the website performance across search engines and the status of organic traffic, keyword rankings, new or lost backlinks, and other SEO metrics. These reports keep you updated and give you sufficient opportunity to provide timely feedback if required. This process ensures that the strategy is working in sync with your predefined goals.

How to find a right SEO Consultant?

You have understood why you need SEO for your website and what all a consultant will do for you. However, the key is to find an experienced and competent SEO consultant to make it work for you. Here’s how you can do it.

Reject the SEO Spammers

The spam folder of your inbox cannot be the right place to search for a good SEO consultant. The chances are that few queries raised by you for SEO services will fill your inbox with proposals daily. By all means, you need to avoid getting in their trap as your website, and your business is something that you cannot compromise. Such consultants may have little knowledge and experience in offering you SEO services that deliver results. Remain alert and avoid such kinds of communications.

There's no word called "Guarantee"

Yes, there are no guarantees, and only scams offer it in SEO. It means that you need to be on your guard about any firm offering any guarantee. Moreover, the way the algorithms of the search engines work, mere rankings may be a poor metric for the overall performance of your website. We, as SEO experts, consider ethics and integrity as the core of our professional conduct. We promise that we will bring your website into line with the best practices around visibility, discoverability, audience appeal, and authority. It is beyond our control those little regular tweaks that Google does, impacting the rankings.

SEO takes time

When clients are looking for instant results with SEO, we guide and explain the real picture behind this. Generally speaking, it will take anywhere from 6-9 months for the results to become evident. This time-frame is genuinely doable. However, we may help you with a technique called SEO sprints that offers an agile framework to get quick results. Then again, it’s only the long term strategy that works consistently.

More Than Just On-site SEO.

We are an SEO agency with a difference and prefer to adopt a tailored approach for each of our clients. It ensures that your SEO campaigns are targeted adequately. There will be many SEO consultants that restrict their strategy only to on-site SEO, which is only half of the picture. This approach is half-hearted and incomplete and can never deliver reliable results.

Our teams of specialists are highly experienced across all facets of SEO and offer our clients ROI-driven results. Our SEO strategy focuses on:

Technical SEO Issues | Keyword Growth Analysis | Backlink Analysis | On-Page SEO Analysis | Trust & Citation Analysis | Competitor Analysis | Mobile User Strategy | Industry-Specific Potential | Content Analysis | Getting All Key Optimisation and more. 

Research, understand, and analyse as you go about your search for an SEO consultant. Ask for references, see their past work, and read between the lines when they go about sharing their professional accomplishments. 

Website Speed Affects SEO

You stayed with us for this long, and that’s appreciable and is undoubtedly not without rewards. One last input from our end as SEO experts is regarding page speed. 

Page speed or website speed refers to the time taken for a website/page to be completed loaded. This speed may depend on a variety of factors like hosting, web design, and other similar factors that can be optimised. The website will speed matter to users and search engines alike. It is so important that Google has made it one of the ranking factors. Users get a superior experience and like to stay longer on your site, whereas Google tends to penalise slow websites. 

The whole objective of SEO is to get more visitors and conversions. This purpose is defeated when your site gets slow. 

Here we can be of good help to you in more ways than one. Our page speed optimisation makes up for all the flaws that cause your site to slow down. You will immediately experience a decreased bounce rate and extended time-on-page. Moreover, there is a noticeable increase in conversions and annual revenue.

Does that sound convincing? Do you want to drive results for your business? 

Get started today. Many times its better to speak straight to the source, give us a call to connect with our experienced SEO strategist. 

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