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We have the skills to research, analyse, and deliver results that move the needle. Blending performance with exceptional customer service, our Search Engine Marketing specialists have the track record for growing successful businesses. We will increase your bottom line, and we will not stop there. We track data, analyse, offer actionable insights, and execute the strategy to get better results.

We take time to learn about your business, goals, and competitors and ensure we do everything we need to get results.

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Our audit services will suggest ways to improve the performance of your campaigns and strategy. Are you missing the mark on conversions? An SEM audit can help you fix all your problems.
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Retargeted Ads stand 70% more chances of conversion. This tool works best in increasing your revenue and growing your company. Reconnecting with past website visitors, it will motivate your users to make a purchase.
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Here we use geofences to target conferences, competitor locations, and more. By reaching out to people who visit the locations and places that matter the most to your target audience, we help you reach your goals for revenue and growth.
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Leveraging location to target users in your target audience, we help you drive store traffic, phone calls, and purchases. It helps launch hyper-targeted, address-based campaigns.

SEM Guidance And Management

We help our clients strengthen their lead generation process and generate more online revenue with intelligent and sophisticated SEM services. Our SEM experts have honed their skills by working with clients from all business domains- B2B or B2C. Their familiarity with the different industries and customer segments makes them one of the best professionals in SEM. Within no time, we can ramp up your campaigns that are devoid of any amateurish tactics that many of our counterparts tend to commit. 

Our system combines the best of human intelligence and technology. It is fully automated, and the parameters are set up manually as per your goals. Steps like keyword bid, campaign budget, and allocation prioritisation are all done with greater precision. Our work is based on the smartest algorithmic technology that is not available to most of the industry’s agencies. This system brings several advantages to you. For instance, you can spend as per your budget or goals and go about making as many adjustments as you may want each day. It is something that is not possible in manual SEM systems. 

Our SEM services also offer advanced forecasting capabilities that let you grab opportunities as and when it gets available and convenient for you. The reporting mechanism allows you to optimise your campaign as intelligently as possible without any human error.

How do you use search engine marketing?

Search Engine Marketing can be your best option of supercharging growth with result-oriented campaigns. It is one of the mediums of Internet marketing that promotes websites by increasing visibility on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). It leads to increased online traffic, better conversions, decreased cost per acquisition, and, eventually, more profits.

Are search engine marketing and SEO the same thing?

For many SEO and SEM can be a confusing concept to grasp. More often, people use the two terms interchangeably, making it even worse. SEO aims at increasing the number of visitors by making the site appear higher on the results offered by a search engine. On the other hand, SEM is a pure form of internet marketing that works towards increasing a site’s visibility through advertising and search engine results. In simple terms, SEO forms part of SEM, and so does other search marketing tactics. 

The strategies have their own time and place, depending on your objectives, time frame, and budget. The critical distinction is that SEM is a comprehensive strategy and includes several marketing tactics, with SEO being one of those.
SEM is a paid search strategy, and SEO is an organic one. Optimised page copy, optimised page speed, social sharing integration, link buildings are some examples of SEO, whereas launching Ad campaigns, writing relevant ad copy, and monitoring metrics are activities of SEM.

How do I know if my search engine marketing is working?

Implementing Search Engine Marketing into your promotional efforts is an excellent way to derive maximum benefits for each penny spends. However, from time to time, you should evaluate and understand the functioning and its output. It is made simple through instant metrics available to you. It makes it easy to see how your campaign performs at any time, and you can also optimise it along the way. 

However, it may not be evident for you to know how well your efforts are working and whether the performance is above average or below the industry standards. In such instances, we come into the picture. We bring down the costs and increase the results for you by focusing on the right keywords for your website to rank, keeping your competitors in mind. As a client, you may spend thousands to rank on page one of the search engine, but you may not be able to outrank a mega-conglomerate as they have a considerable SEM budget. Here our expertise and experience come into play.

9 essentials for a successful SEM campaign

Our goal is to ensure our clients derive significant results with our reliable and data-driven SEM campaigns. These are increased conversions, lesser cost per acquisition, and more profits, to name a few. We ensure that ongoing keyword research remains informed and competitive. Then is audience targeting that attracts only the most qualified and relevant traffic as our targeting is detailed and based on parameters like age, income, gender, and other characteristics. Using attribution modeling, we track the effectiveness of ads throughout your sales funnel. All this helps in improving your quality score. There are several ways to go about this, and we shall discuss the prominent ones here.
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1. An optimised landing page/website

A good landing page will convert your visitors into leads, all while delighting them. Do you know the best part? You can collect information that is vital for the success of your SEM initiatives. Your website or the landing page also affects your campaign costs. Our best in class SEM services ensure all your campaign objectives are met.

2. Call tracking

It is a way for online marketers to measure where the phone calls come from, giving you valuable insights into your SEM campaign. You can track sources, campaigns, and keywords that turn into sales leads. You also have the facility to integrate it with a CRM platform and know in-depth the content that gives you the maximum response in terms of leads and conversions.
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3. Irresistible copy and call to actions.

The copy of the ad is an essential aspect of a successful SEM campaign that should ideally be geared towards your target audience. An excellent copy is a balancing act between keywords and target customers. Simple, informative, eye-catching, and an active and subtle ‘Call to Action’ button get it right for you.
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4. Ad extensions

These extend your ad with additional information, and that’s about giving people more reasons to choose your products, services, or business. Ad extensions increase the click-through rates significantly. Its format may include location, call buttons, additional text, links to specific pages of your website, and more.
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5. Customised conversion reporting

These mechanisms help you track the actions that you want users to take on your website, such as asking for more information or making a purchase. It lets you assess the effectiveness of your SEM campaign. You can make it customized and get ideas regarding improvements in your campaign.
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6. A/B testing

Here we run two variations of an ad and evaluate the outcomes. Our A/B testing process ensures that the advertisements create high click-through rates, and the monitoring of each ad is maintained. It amplifies your SEM and puts you in a better position to run the ad that garners a better response from the audience.
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7. Competitor keyword analysis

Also known as keyword gap analysis, it is the process of identifying keywords of your competitors, for which they rank highly on the search engine result page, and you don’t. By focusing on such keywords, your website can be ranked better. One can derive a better analysis here by comparing two or more competitors.
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8. Effective audience targeting

It lets you manage the digital buyer funnel in the best possible way. By incorporating behavior-based targeting, you can find the best ways to derive the best response. It may include even the timing of your ad as well. By integrating more of such quantitative parameters, your SEM strategy gets even more fine-tuned.
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9. Reputation management

You will get reviews for your business, and few of those might help be unpleasant and harmful as well. Consider such instances as the perfect opportunity to showcase your work ethics by replying and addressing such reviews in a caring and compassionate way. The responsiveness, even towards the not so good reviews, speaks positively about your business.

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