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Our objective is to make your business better. We have championed a collaborative, people-focused approach to navigate the digital landscape for our clients. Our email marketing services are an outcome of the relationship between creativity and data, innovation, and the tried and true, between automation and human insight. The focus is to persuade a conversion, retain customers, re-engage cold conversations, and drive additional or repeat purchases. Our objective is to prioritise the opportunities that drive incremental revenue through our email services. The target is on reactivation, engagement, and maximisation of conversion rates. We establish a plan and policies for identifying and improving email deliverability and effectiveness.
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We create a system and an easy to use platform that captures the highest possible percentage of traffic driving opt-ins throughout your sales funnel. Our strategy keeps your email list full of high-interest subscribers. Easy to understand and quick to set up, you can expect more revenue from your email list. Our strategy entails audience evaluation and designing emails appropriately.


Are you finding it difficult to run your online email campaign? Are you bothered with bounce rates and low conversion rates? Here is the answer. Our email marketing program is, by far, the most effective way to sell your products and services. It is the best ROI generator that you will come across. With crisp sales content, segmented and clean email lists, response tracking, and a lesser bounce rate, you can measure and analyse every campaign.


Get better open and click-through rates leading to more visitors to your website and more sales- that’s what every marketer wants. A/B testing in email marketing refers to the system of sending two emails with different templates for your campaign to a subset of your subscribers. It lets you gauge which model or campaign garners the best results.
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Drive more visibility and contribute to the sensation on various social media platforms with the social sharing feature. Now everyone in your subscriber list can share the beautifully crafted and meaningful emails by merely making a click on the ‘like’ or ‘tweet’ button. A detailed report will reflect the number of subscribers that shared your email campaign. With our library of templates and intuitive email editor, your subscribers will have more reasons to share on social media.

Highly deliverable email design

We have brought every feature in our email campaign management system to make it reliable, easy to understand, and high on deliverable. Our campaign experts will help in making each campaign respond better with higher sales and ROI.

At exPYTHON, you get ready to use 100+ email templates that are customised with secure edit options. Now create your campaign messages, upload images, or even pick one from our archive to create emails that work. Your email list always remains updated with prospects and customers. As you execute your campaigns at your set times, you also can avail 24/7 access to campaign features. You can include audio and video clips to make your email message better.

Get more out of it

We start with the email template as it is of utmost importance. Those are captivating, extraordinary, unique, and original. We do that all and much more. After all, a well-designed email template is hard to miss and is bound to give you winning results. You can get customised HTML template designs as per your requirements. Then are the target based email templates that best suit the client’s needs and necessities.

It brings effectiveness and simplicity in campaign execution and analysis. You can claim lower bounce rates and higher response rates with these targeted campaigns.

Shed your worries with us and reap the benefits of high sales and ROI.

Well Designed

Did you know that a well-designed email has nearly 45% more chances of a positive response from the recipient? Our emails are designed and optimised for all devices and screen sizes. Furthermore, when it comes to designing, we do not believe in ‘one size fit all’ approach. For every campaign, customised templates are designed.

Proper Reporting

While working with many digital marketing agencies, reporting remains a nightmare. It is not with us; instead, you will enjoy and learn how to monitor your campaign and review the results. We are accountable for improving your email marketing revenue, and you will witness that through various performance metrics. We keep you updated with your email program performance and plan adjustments to meet your goals.


Email Marketing Australia

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing remains the original lead generating process, and even today, its relevance is acknowledged by biggest brands and marketers. Consider it marketing in its barest and purest form that offers perfect communication with your prospects and customers. Emails have dramatically affected marketing and continue to do so. All major brands worldwide rely on it, as the effectiveness of this marketing tool is very high. However, there is more to email marketing than just sending emails. This system driven marketing program is by far the most effective way to sell your products and services.

Why is it important for Business?

Email is a mode of business communication that is cheap, accessible, and easily replicated. It offers several benefits to every kind of business with its efficiency and effectiveness. Creating a strong email marketing strategy allows you to communicate with your customers and target segment in a personalised way at a fraction of the cost. No matter how many new platforms and media forms have emerged, email marketing tools continue to help businesses reach customers more natural than ever.

How it will benefit my Business?

Email marketing can be the best way to build loyalty and trust in your brand in a thoughtful way. With it, you can build relationships with prospects, leads, current customers, and even past customers. It allows you to speak directly to them, in their inbox, at a time that is convenient for them. All you have to do is deliver a fresh sales content, maintain clean email databases, and manage the subscriptions list in the best possible way. We do it for you.

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